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  • Welcome To Windy Hill Lavender

Breathe the Sweet Summer Air At Windy Hill Lavender Farm

Vibrant fields of lavender entice nature enthusiasts every summer to pause for a moment and enjoy the fragrant smells and beautiful shades of purple. While most associate sprawling lavender fields with Southern France, you don’t have to travel to Europe to enjoy this lovely aromatic plant. Throughout the state of Pennsylvania, lavender farms welcome visitors to harvest their own bundles of lavender, admire the varying shades of purple, inhale the soothing aroma, and learn the versatile uses for the summer plant. Here at Windy Hill Lavender, we are one of many Lavender farms in PA that offer that experience. 

Our Products

All of our products feature our farm-grown, hand-harvested, on-site-distilled pure lavender essential oil as one of the key ingredients.
Visit us in-person for an incredible selection of soaps and other lavender-infused items!


A Little History About Lavender

Historical anecdotes tell us that the lavender field workers and perfumers of the Middle Ages survived the Black Death and other plagues because lavender protected them from the lethal bacteria. The power of lavender to stimulate and supplement in the body’s healing forces is unmatched by modern pharmaceuticals. And amidst the aromatic plants, there seems to be no other plant essence equaling its broad properties. It can kill pathogens in the air and in nasal sinuses and respiratory airways. It stimulates the immune system, yet it’s also analgesic, soothing muscle aches, taking the pain out of insect bites and much more. Not only does lavender have hydrating, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties, lavender is also a nerve tonic and an antidepressant, boosting one’s spirits as well as helping to beat “the blues” that accompany immune stress and illness. In addition, modern studies of burn patients have confirmed that oil of lavender eases pain, enhances healing and prevents scar tissue from forming. All of this is done non-toxically! If you visit us in the summer you can walk through the fragrant lavender fields and pick your own bouquet.

Did you know?
It takes 10 gallons of lavender buds to produce a mere
8 ounces of essential oil!


We Distill Our Own Lavender Oil

We start by hand-harvesting our lavender. It is banded into  “bunches” and hung to dry in a well-ventilated area.

Once sufficiently dry, the buds are then separated from the stalks and placed in our distillation chamber. This holds 10 gallons of lavender buds. The container is covered with cheese cloth and a retaining plate to prevent the buds from falling out. We steam the chamber at low pressure to keep a constant low temperature, and the steam condenses on a coil through which we run cold water. We do not use any solvents or high-pressure steam.

 The condensate runs into a glass apparatus that then separates the oil from the aqueous component, resulting in two products being collected!

 The hydrosol is the aqueous (water-based) component of the distilling process. The essential oil, which floats on top of the hydrosol, is collected separately.

This makes our oil different than what you may buy from other sources. It is light and volatile, and not greasy. If you spill it, it may evaporate. We think it smells better than most of the products on the market, including ones that represent themselves as 100% essential oil. Separating the buds from the stems is tedious, and many producers just throw in the whole plant. They do it to boost production, but it gives the oil a straw like scent.

Give our oil a smell. We think you’ll find it unique!

What Our Customers Say?

This small shop is packed with more than we ever realized could be done with lavender. Even varieties for the culinary fans – sweet and savory. The small farm provides a glimpse into what must be a beautiful large farm up the road. The owners are friendly and ready to answer any questions. A great stop for a local gift. -Arnold P